Following are some samples of termination letter. Hopefully it will be of great help for you..


Dear [ employee name ]:

Four disciplinary notices have been sent to you within the past six months in conjunction with our conversations about your behavior.

Its very much unfortunate that we have noticed  no change in your performance. In the last year you have been late 25 times, absent without excuse on nine occasions, and late on all but one project deadline. It clearly reflects your non seriousness in the your job.

Our Company need employees who are punctual and conscientious about attendance and deadlines. Our clients will look elsewhere if we cannot offer them dependable service.r.
Thus, we can no longer continue your employment at [ company name ].

This decision is final and effective from today. As per company rules you will be paid two months salary as compensation.

We will provide you our reference whenever you will be in need and all the disciplinary matters will remain confidential to your new employers.

Best wishes for your future and we hope that you will learn from your mistakes and will not repeat it.


[termination authority name and signature]


Date []

[Name of Employee]


Dear [employee name]

I am very much sorry but I must inform you that your employment at [company name] will be terminated as of [date].

As you know, the Downsizing task force delivered their report to the general manager in late [month + year]. Among the task force recommendation was the elimination of all termporary and contract positions. Since you occupy a temporary position, your position is automatically subject to the task force recommendations.

Please make it clear that in no way does your termination reflect that the company is in any way unhappy with your work performance.

Company rules allow you to be paid two months salary as compensation bute keeping mind your good record, General Manager has increased this amount to almost three months.

Best wishes for your future employment. If you need any reference please feel free to contact any time.


[authority person name]

[authority designation]

Termination Letter Sample