If you are searching for help about writing verification letters and want to see some its examples then you have reached upto the right place on the internet. Verification letter intends to verify and hence confirm some employment or service in the respective organization.

This verification letter must be included with authorized signature and official stamp. It is very important letter and can be used in legal matters as well. So it is highly advised to pay full attention on every details of the employer about which you are going to write verification letter.
After you are completely checked up the statistics assoiciated with the employee, only then you should proceed to write verification letter.

Now the next step should be how to write verification letter, what should be the proper format for it and what kind of wording should be used for it? For the answers of all the questions you should see following professional and practical examples of verification letters.

[Company Name and Address]


Dear Sir,

This is to verify that our organization (name) employed (employee name) from this date to that date on contract basis. He/She was associated with accounts department and fulfilled his/her duties in time efficiently and effectively. Further details may be furnished to you on your demand.


(signature here)
[Name and Designation + address]


Verification Letter Sample