If you are looking forward to thank you your employer for recruiting you to your job or you want to thank any other body or organization then in that case you need to write a thank you letter. Writing quality thank you letter requires you to understand some useful and practical tips about it. Here you will find everything you require regarding writing official quality thank you letter. Follow these tips..

  • Two averaged length paragraphs are more than enough to write a thank you letter.
  • First paragraph means to thank the employer for providing you this special opportunity.
  • You should also mention the date of your interview or position at which you applied.
  • Mention your skills and all the possible benefits that can be drawn to your organization by your involvement in the second paragraph.
  • Mention how you can be benefited to your employer.
  • In your letter also include a single statement indicating that you are looking forward to your response.
  • Give a specific date when you plan to follow up with a phone call.
  • In last paragraph, state your confidence again in your ability to be an asset to the company.
  • In the closing statement once again thank the employer.
  • If you are thanking the person who has provided you scholarship, we would suggest you to write from your heart.
  • When thanking the person for giving you scholarship, include all information about the scholarship as well.
  • Mention how strongly job or scholarship benefited you.
  • Mention your objective and expectations of achieving those objectives with scholarship.
  • Appraise your recipient for the work he / she has done.
  • Address the letter to the recipient by writing “Dear Sir / Madam”
  • Proofread your letter at least once to see that whatever you wanted to include in your letter has included.
Sample Thank You Letter