Are you looking for letter asking for donations? Don’t worry you are at the right place. If you are about to ask someone for donation and you are not finding way to write it then probably you have come to the right position on the internet. Writing such kind of letter is little different because of its different nature. You have to be submissive in this request and also you have to take care certain important steps which are essential for success.

You can ask for donation for particular event or function or it could be for some charity work or social awareness event. Well whatever is the reason if donors are not request in proper way then the chances of success (getting donations) dare immensely reduced. By giving donation, Donors are actually trusting you guys and by presenting bad image of yours in your poor letter you are stopping him/her from donating. So I hope you are crystal clear now about the importance of letter asking for donations. By practical experience I have been able to formulate following useful tips regarding writing letter asking for donations and it will be followed by sample letter asking for donation.


  • Be sure to complete all the formalities correctly, it includes correct name of the donor, rank or position , address, proper salutation details about you.
  • After you enter in the body of letter explain in detail the event or function for which you are asking for donation.
  • Tell specifically all the positive aspects of this function/event and try to be little bit generous in your appraisal.
  • If there is some charity work or social awareness program then mention it. Now-a-days people are appraising more and more such kind of activities.
  • Tell the donor about why donating such a event/function is important.
  • write about the promotions and marketing of the event to the donors.
  • Also mention that on the stage how you will appreciate the donors, it could be by naming the donors at stage or by advertising their company or brand in the function.
  • Remember doesn’t matter how much good person a donor is, he/she wants to be acknowledged. So don’t forget to do that.
  • Write about your position in the management of the event/function and also your feasibility report for the event.
  • Try to assure the donor that this function is going to be hit or successful in every way. They should be sure enough that are not donating to poor managed or unsuccessful function.
  • Checking for spelling or Grammar mistakes.

Now here is a sample letter asking for donations.

Sample Letter Asking for Donations

Your Name:



Phone Number:

Postal Code:

Email Address:


Name of Recipient:


Name of Organization:


Phone Number:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Did you know that in Genovia:

33% of kids ever get to see the inside of a high school classroom. 56% of kids will die from starvation or easily curable diseases before the see adulthood 2% of the population is literate

When I’m asked why we should care about what happens in Genovia, I think about Sophie. When Sophie first came to our school she couldn’t read. As the eldest sister, she was in charge of caring for her siblings while her parents went out and worked. Her future looked bleak: without an education, she was destined to live a life on the streets. Because of our Mobile school for Genovian children, we were able to provide comprehensive care for Sophie’s whole family. Sophie got to attend school, while her younger siblings were also cared fore.

Sophie is in medical school now. Her goal? To become a doctor and come back to work with Genovian children to provide much needed health care. Investing in Sophie’s life, was like multiplying the investment and investing in all the children of Genovia.

This year, we have the ambitious goal of opening more Mobile Classrooms. Won’t you consider helping us give the children of Genovia a brighter future? After all, investing in one child, is investing in an entire community.

Yours sincerely, / faithfully



Sample letter asking for donations