Here is the sample appeal for your help and guidance. The information on this page will be extremely helpful to you if you are in need of writing some appeal letter.Here you will find plenty of sample appeals based on practical experience. Here is sample appeal for your reference. Please don’t try to copy it word by word as it will not be helpful to you in this way. All you need to do is to read it for reference purpose and then customize it to your own particular requirements.


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Dear Student Affair Department:

Dear Sir I received letter from your side day before which include information about my advance supply in the accounting paper of this semester (fall). The reason for this penalty is conitnual absense from classes which means I am unable to fullful minimum attendance percentage (80%) for this particular subject.

Sir I am still in the shock after reading this letter. I can’t believe you can do this to me. I was not absent from the university without any notice. Actually I was on medical leaves. I have already submitted application for medical leaves along with the medical leave certificate from the recognized M.B.B.S doctor of the town. A photocopy of this application and certificate is attached with this letter for your reference.
I don’t think I need to provide any further information in this regard but however if you need then please let me know. Please take this matter seriously and remove my advance supply from this subject so that I can concentrate on upcoming finals.

Thanks in anticipation.


[Student name and university registration details.]

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