Are you worried that this month salary is not transferred to your account then don’t worry all you need to do is just to write salary request letter. Its not difficult to do but if you haven’t done it before then you will have a little headache. But you don’t need to encounter any headache as information on this page is enough for writing quality salary request letter of professional quality.

Common mistakes done in writing salary request letter is that people become very rude in their writings and get too much angry for this little trouble. Avoid it and take it light. Problems like this happens in the companies so try to be as polite as possible in your communication.

Here is  a sample salary request letter.

[Company Name, Date and Address]

Dear Sir,

As you probably know I am  working as [rank] in this organization. Sir I regret to inform you that I have been unable to receive my salary for this month. Its really unfortunate and I am bringing it to your notice hoping you will personally look into matter for the permanent solution of this problem.

Hope I will not need to write a reminder letter for this request.

Thanks in anticipation.

Your faithfully


Salary Request Letter