Sometimes in our life we have to deal with situation when our loved ones experience great pain and sorrow. For example when they loses some friend or relative in a tragic accident or in some horrible disease. In that case it becomes our moral duty to offer our condolence to them. If you purchase a sympathy / condolence card from a store, it will not express your feelings. So you need to write a personal sympathy / condolence letter to your friend or relative.

First thing you will think about will be “how to write a sympathy / condolence letter?” And you don’t need to worry as you have reached up to right website. We are providing you all necessary details to write a sympathy / condolence letter. Some sample sympathy / condolence letters are also given below that will guide you to write your personal sympathy / condolence letter.

Some important tips to write a sympathy / condolence are following;

  • Change the tone of you language. Put yourself in the shoes of the recipient to feel what he or she is feeling.
  • In brief and concise manner describe your feeling and express your condolence.
  • Always remember that you should not shock the recipient and  communicate you feelings straight forwardly.
  • In other things also include how you come to know about his/her loss.
  • You can mention the shock that you had to face with in yourself when you heard the news.
  • In case of death of somebody don’t forget to share your good feelings about the diseased guy.
  • Do not hesitate to include the word “Death”.
  • Try to give a feeling to the recipient that he / she are not alone in this grief. You are there to share this grief.
  • If your letter is concerned with a death, mention positive memories about that person.
  • On common phrase used is that no one is immortal in this world except God and everyone has to go sooner or later.
  • Encourage and support the recipient.
  • Close with an expression of comfort.- “You are continually in my thoughts and prayers,”- “My heart and my tears are with you,”

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