Recommendation letters are written to recommend someone for any job or any other facility. It could be about your previous employ or any other person whom you have great know-how. You can recommend person to the concerned organization on their request  or just to help person get his/her job. Recommendation letters are written in good will and these do not intend to help under qualified persons. Here are some useful and practical tips regarding writing Recommendation letter .

  • Write the name of concerned person with his/her full name, rank and company name.
  • You can also start with “To whom it may concern”
  • Tell the full name of the person you are about to recommend and tell how you know him. For example it he/she is your previous employer or any other way you get to know him/her.
  • You need to be stictly professional in this regard. Don’t tell about you emotions regarding the person. Tell about the work and skills that impressed you.
  • Write about the total time period you have been attached to the person and what promotion the person has achieved in this period.
  • If its recommendation for job, specially mention the person abillity to meet deadlines and different approaches for the solution in effective manner
  • Mention if the person has some very special or unique abillity or skill.
  • Mention you are writing this letter of recommendation without any request from the person but just because you will be happy to recommend a person who really deserves the job.
  • Write your full name and other details about you.
  • Print it and don’t forget to include Hand written signatures.
  • Take proper measures to ensure that letter reaches its destination in time.

Here is Sample Format for Letter of Recommendation.

Concerned Person Name


Organization Name with address

Dear Mr/Mrs (Name)

This is in response to your request for the person’s review from my side/ I just want to tell about my personal experience with the person.

He/She worked for … Years in my company and during that pereiod I found him/her very hardworking and responsible. (Any further addition you want)

Your Full Name with your signature

Rank and organization name


Letter of Recommendation | Recommendation Letter Sample