Leave letter is very much frequently used in our daily professional life. Everybody tries to be punctual and regular in his/her daily life but sometimes we have to take leave for some reasons which we cannot deny. So in that case we come to the need of  writing a leave letter. Most of us are not familiar with writing letters of professional quality and also most people find it difficult to write leave letter as its very sensitive issue. So here for your reference and guidance profession writing tips are provided in this regard. We hope that our reading these tips about writing leave letter you will be able to write leave letter of professional quality.

  • Try to write leave letter well before your leaves so that your employer could manage your replacement.
  • Don’t try to hide reason for your leave, If you will not mention the reason for your leave then there are very strong chances that your leave application will be rejected.
  • Try to be concise and to the point.
  • Don’t give too much details of your reason so that it may sound like you are creating place for over sympathy.
  • If you have some chances of taking  more leaves than mentioned in the leave application letter then discuss it too.
  • Try to as polite as possible in your writings.
  • Don’t forget to write “thanks in anticipation” or “I will be highly obliged” kind of sentences in your leave letter.
  • Never ever try to threaten the employer if he does not allow you leaves.

These are some of the reasons which might help you in your leave letter writing. However there so many more tips and reasons which you can find observing your particular situation and conditions.

Leave Letter Writing Tips