Leave application letter is very much important in our professional life as we need it on many occasions. Leave application is written to inform your employer about your absence from work due to some reason. It is not appreciated in the professional life if you take leaves without prior notice to your employer. Employers should be informed about you absence so that he can manage your replacement as long as you are not back to your work. So never forget to write a leave application letter before taking any leaves from your work.

Here is a sample leave application letter for your reference and guidance.

December 01, 20–

Mr. Curtis Jackson

Marketing Head

Star Marketing Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

SUBJECT: Leave Application

Dear Sir,

I am  writing this letter to inform and to get permission for the leaves which I will have to take in the following days. My younger brother is going to be married on the 14th of this month. As our parents have died many years before so all responsibility falls to my hands in this regard.
I have to manage event and also want to join my brother on the best time of his life. So therefore I need leaves starting from 12th to 16th of this month so that I may be able to perform my elder brother duties in this event.

I shall be highly obliged for your act of kindness.

Thanks in anticipation.

Your sincerely,

Charlie Anderson

Assit. Planner

Star Marketing Inc.

Leave Application Letter