Invitation wording is a difficult job. Writing proper invitation wording is hard to find and if these are not to the point and in proper protocol then it will have negative effect on your invitation and its likely to be rejected. So use of proper wording is very much essential.

There are so many occasion for whom you can invite people it could be birthday, celebration party, graduation party or any other event or function. Invitation is basically social trend and humans like such kind of activites. If you are inviting someone to your function then you are creating a good image of yours in the eyes of other.


  • Remember you need to be very much polite in your wordings
  • Etiquette matter very much in invitation letters and its wording.
  • Your can experiment with different fonts but it is always advisable to use single for proper eye focusing and to avoid confusion.
  • Don’t use too much punctuation in your wording it will look really odd.
  • In invitation letters avoid abbreviation as it is intended for lot of people so many may not understand it.
  • Company’s logo or any other photo or image should be positioned carefully.
  • Wordings should also communicate your honesty and excitement.
  • If the card have to be posted then make sure you are posting it well before date so that it could reach to its destination before time.
  • A hand written note along with your printed invitation letter will have tremendous effect.
  • Don’t use too much difficult language in the wording
  • If you insist on an R.S.V.P to gauge the head count, then use a tear-off for the same or mention a separate contact number for the same.
  • Other things also include thanks mentioning to a few close relatives and also keep a line, if you don not wish the guest to carry a gift.
Invitation Wording