One of the most important letter in formal communications is Grievance Letter. This letter is basically written to highlight someone misbehavior or bad work against some person or the company. So you can report some problems you are facing in your organization by writing a formal grievance letter to the employer. Now you can easily understand that it is routine matter for many persons and so you can guess rightly about the importance of the grievance letter in your life.

This post is targeted toward sample grievance letter and hence will provide you a quality letter in this regards.

Sample Grievance Letter:

Date: May 15, 2011

Mr Danny Cooch

Sales Agent

Rocket Industries

Las Vegas

Mr Alex Stewart

Sales Executive

Rocket Industries

Las Vegas

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to report you some problems I am facing in my sales efforts for the company. I have noticed and heard several complaints about our marketing agents that they are not focusing on bringing in some new ideas to market our products. Sales of company is going down day by day but they are blaming all responsibility on the Sales Department keeping their hands clean.

Sir if you look at our competitors success in the recent past you will clearly notice that they are brining new ideas of marketing every day. Their Sales staff is not as competent as ours but they have very better marketing professionals who are using creative ideas to market products and are opening new markets for the sales representatives.

Moreover I also have some reservation about the attitudes of our company’s marketing department especially the guy Albert who works as the Senior Marketing Agent. I have myself noticed the guy drinking in the office during work hours. All the employees in their department know about it but to my surprise they are not reporting it.

Therefore I personally request you to look into this matter seriously and request a grievance hearing ASAP. I am requesting this for the better future of Rocket Industires and Our Sales Department.

Thanks $ Regards

Yours Sincerely

Danny Cooch

Official Signature


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Grievance Letter