Here is the information regarding format for authorization letter.Like other letters authorization letter also follows specific format such as:

Opening of Letter

You need to provide complete introduction of you and recipient such as name, address etc. Usually authorization letter is printed on letterhead of the company in this case you have no need to provide your introduction.

Body of the Letter

The body of authorization letter should contain three paragraphs such as:

The first paragraph contains the reason for which you are writing this letter. In this part you will explain reason to addressee that why are you authorized someone for specific task. This is particularly vital information to be incorporated in an authorization letter.
The second paragraph will provide confirmation to the addressee that the authorization letter has been written by you and it is not a counterfeit attempt. Try to make this information foolproof evidence to verify the authenticity of authorization letter.

The third paragraph should be the concluding paragraph in this paragraph you can provide contact details to addressees and solicit them to contact you in case of any mystification or to authenticate the claim made by the bearer of the letter.

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Format of Authorization Letter