If you are interested in finding examples of letter of intent about various situations then believe me you are at the right spot. Here in this post you will find practical and useful examples of letter of intent. But before moving ahead you should be sure enough that you completely understand the meaning of intent letters. These letters are written to show your interest in any business opportunities , business setups or some internship programs or may be some informative visits. Well actually the scope of intent letters is much greater. Mostly it is written to purchase some business companies or their shares or some part of their organization.


Following is example of letter of intent if you want to purchase another business.

Name (yours)
Street address
City and State


Dear [present owner who has authority to sale]:

We have detailed discussion with our business partners and board of directors and in the meeting it is decided that we are intending to purchase your business . We are willing to pay your requested purchase price of $(write the price), and it should include all the basic equipment required for normal running of  the business.

We are waiting for your response and if it is positive then we will discuss the meeting time and date and in that meeting all legal formalities will be covered. If you have any query in this matter feel free to contact me directly and we can discuss and solve.


[Authorized Signature]
Typed name

Your contact Number

Following is example of letter of intent if you want some program in the university, Read below for details..

Sample Letter of Intent

Your Name:



Phone Number:

Postal Code:

Email Address:


Name of Recipient:


Name of Organization:


Phone Number:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We wish to express our intent to start an OSA Student Chapter at the University of ___________. The purpose of our chapter is describe as follows in our “mission statement.”

First and foremost, the chapter shall enhance the quality of optics student life through the promotion of student community, student education and industrial contact.

Second, the chapter shall promote optics within the university through undergraduate awareness, optics representation in student government and promotion of interdepartmental collaboration.

Third, the chapter shall act to bring the university and industry together through education (i.e. seminars) and collaboration.

Finally, the chapter shall participate in community outreach in the form of Youth Science education, community education (i.e. university tours or lectures) and shall promote the optics programs at _________ to the optics community at large.

We hope that this letter of intent reflects some of the objectives of the Optical Society of America and that it will be a strong basis for our new Student Chapter at the University of _____________.

Yours sincerely, / faithfully



Examples of letter of intent