If you are having problem of understanding eviction notice and want to write or send an eviction letter, the paragraphs ahead are really important to you and you will find it very useful. Eviction letter deals with the problems faced by Land lords about having troubles with their tenants. In that situation they may want to get rid of tenants or may force them to get out to solve problems, they must give them Eviction Letters. Only then they can legally evict them from their property. The problems of landlord vary from situation to situation and so as reason for the eviction letters. The following problems may warrant adjusting your printer’s ink toners when printing to accomplish the best quality copy:

  • Non-payment of Rent: As clearly understandable from the title this type of problem associate with un-paid rents. In this condition landlord may give notice period of 4-5 days after that tenants will have to evict.
  • Agreement Violation: In this issue, tenants may violate any part of the agreement settled with landlords. In this case tenants must be given at least 6-11 days for the correction of violation otherwise he/she must have to evict.
  • Unconditional Eviction: In this case the landlord  may evict the tenants without any specific reason. In this type of eviction notices, a handsome amount of time must be given to the tenants so that they can manage for other residences or work places. However if tenants have repeatedly violated agreement or have damaged the property severely then they can be evicted without any time. Normally 2 or 3 months time is given for eviction process.

After the eviction letters if tenants fails to comply with the conditions mentioned in the notice then landlord may take eviction action against the tenants. If tenants apply for defense then the hearing date will be given, otherwise legal action is taken to evict them.

Here is Sample Eviction Letter

John Kerry
100 East 77th Street
New York – 123456
Date: 20th April 2011
Mr. Albee Methuen
54 ABC Street
New York – 123456

Dear Mr. Albee Methuen You are given notice to inform you are in violation of your occupancy of the premises located at [enter address of legal description of property], under the terms of the lease dated [list date lease was signed], between [list name of landlord named in the lease] as landlord and [list name of tenant] as tenant. You are in violation because you are [e.g. 25 days] offending in your payment to the undersigned of the sum of $[e.g. 1500.00] for [e.g. May rent]. In addition, you have failed to comply with the terms and conditions of your tenancy, as follows: [list how tenant has violated the lease, in clear language]. To remedy the above breach, you must do the following: [List what tenant must do to remedy the breach]. [List what tenant must do to remedy the breach]. [List what tenant must do to remedy the breach]. Please consider this letter a final demand for you to cure this situation. If you fail to meet the terms, the undersigned may initiate eviction proceedings against you and/or exercise other available rights and remedies under the law. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Yours sincerely, / faithfully
John Kerry

Sample Eviction Letter