If you want to write an employee performance letter then you are at the right place. Here you will find information regarding writing a quality employee performance letter. You will need professional and practical tips in this regard. So don’t worry we will provide you everything you need regarding employee performance letter Here are some useful and experience based tips for writing employee performance letter:

  • Try to be as formal as possible in this letter.
  • If you are appraising your employ then don’t use emotions in it. Also don’t over emphasize it. Write to the point about employee’s performance.
  • If you are not appraising employee or in fact about to warn employee then also tell about the aftermaths of his/her action. Write about how he/she could face problems in the future if not corrected duties.
  • If the employee’s performance is average then encourage him/her to do more.
  • If the employee’s performance is below average then try to compare his performance with someone doing very good. In that way employee may get target for success.
  • Don’t write like you are talking him in general. In fact it should be very much personal targeted and hence should include information which is very much specific.
  • Don’t ever predict the future of the employee. Remember he/she is not bound to work for the all time in your organization.
  • If its appraisal letter then if you like you can announce performance bonus for¬†encouragement.
  • If employee’s performance is not up to the mark then try hard to write about possible reasons for his/her slackness in the work. If you like you can call the employee for a meeting in this regard.

Now I think its the time for you to see some sample employee performance letters to get an idea how it should be. Don’t forget that these sample letters are for your reference and guidance purposes only. If you are using these examples then customize it according to your particular requirements before using it.

Dear ——-

It gives us pleasure to inform you that you are slected as “The Best employee of the month” and hope you’ll continue to put your efforts to the company in future. We give this reward by evaluating the skills at every aspect, ie. technical,planning,QA,client satisfaction,communication etc. and hope this will put you in pleasure too..
thank you,

Employee Performance Letter