Complaint letter format is very much important in writing complaint letters. Here in this post you will get to know details about the format of an ideal Complaint Letter. Complaints are something that we can never avoid as long as we are dealing with other people in services.  So if you are keen to find quality material regarding Complaint Letter Format then probably you have reached up to the right place.

By lots of practices and because of professional experience I have been able to write following important useful and practical tips regarding Complaint Letter Format.


  • As usual write it in business letter format
  • This means write the name of receiver in the left top of your letter (below your letter head)
  • Don’t forget to mention the rank and address of your concerned person or company after wards.
  • Write subject if possible so that it could be cleared that why are you writing this letter.
  • Start with Mr/Mrs to attention the concerned person.
  • Here you come to the body which is the main part.
  • Always remember that your letter should be as concise as possible because otherwise chances will rise that your letter will not be entertained.
  • Before starting complaining first take some sentences to explain about which service/product you are about to complain or in other words explain how you purchased the product or subscribed to the service.
  • After creating perfect platform, explain what went wrong in the process and how you come to know about it.
  • Remember replacing is always a better solution in the eyes of complaint attenders as compared to be returned (Money Back)
  • Also mention any Warranty or Guarantee that you have been facilitated.



Write Sender’s name with Street Address and City (Country if required)


Write Sender’s name with Street Address and City (Country if required)


Write date of letter to be delivered.


Mention the consisted subject..

Greetings [Dear (Receiver)]:

Write proper salutation.


Write the body following the guide lines mentioned in the Complaint letter format tips written above.

Thanks in anticipation:

(Write if required, its optional):


sincerely (etc)

About You:

Write your name and authorized signatures

Complaint Letter Format