Proof of Employment Letter

If you are working in an organization and someone or some organization wants its proof like for insurance or any other policy you need to proof that you work in some organization as an employee. So if you are facing such a situation then this is the right place for you. Here in paragraphs ahead you will find suitable tips for writing a proof of employment letter. These tips are experience based and are highly successful.


  • First of all, always remember to type letter in the computer or typewriter and never use handwriting for official letter. It will not develop a good image of you in the mind of receiver.
  • At the top most place, write the name of the person whom you are writing and also mention his/her rank and organization in the following lines.
  • In the body write the sentence “To whom it may concern”
  • In the following lines write about organization in which you are employed, about the date when your job started and about the rank you are currently in.
  • Include in the next line below body paragraph that if you have any objections you can contact the company or undersigned authority.
  • At the end write your full name with job rankĀ  and your contact number.
  • After printing it sign it.
  • After that you need to testify it from your company with official stamp and an authority signature.

Here is Proof of Employment Letter


Concerned Person/Organization,

Postal Address.


This letter intends to confirm that Mr/Mrs (Name) is Regular/On Contract employee of this organization. He /She has joined this company from the date (mention date of appointment) as (Your position or rank). Any queries in this regard will be entertained on request.

Yours Signature


Postal Address

Contact No.

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One thought on “Proof of Employment Letter

  1. hello sir/maddam here i selected seversl times for different kinds of jobs including an IPS but still i did not receaved any appointment letters…atleast inform in theforn of letter why i was not receaved any kind of appointment letters since two years…this is i am inforning you very serious…

    yours faith fully
    Ravi Tejavath