Authorization Letter Template

Authorization letter template is designed to provide accurate format of authorization letter to writer.This letter template minimizes the possibilities of errors and omissions while tailoring authorization letter and also escapes you from legal matters. Authorization letter template lets you understand exact format of authorization letter. Here I am providing you with authorization letter template which elucidates you with proper examples. This template is designed by considering above mentioned format of authorization letter.

Authorization Letter Template

_____________________ (Your Name)

_____________________ (Your Address)
_____________________ (Your Address)
_____________________ (City, State, Zip Code)

_____________________ (Date: 27th April 2011)

_____________________ (Name of the Person)
_____________________ (Address of the Person)
_____________________ (Address of the Person)
_____________________ (City, State, Zip Code)

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

I, the undersigned, have recently bought a land at___________________ (Address of Land),(Name of Country). This land was bought under an agreement with___________________ (Write Company Name). I have now been transferred to _____________________ (Name of Country) by the organization ______________________ (Write Name of Organization) I work for and therefore I need to change the billing address for my new house to my new address in _____________________ (Write Name of Country).
Unfortunately, due to the urgency I had no time to do so because it was necessary for me to move to _________________ (Name of the Country) as soon as possible, I was unable to personally come and change my billing address. In my absence, I authorize my brother ___________________ (Write Name of Brother), the bearer of this letter, to act in all the matters regarding the land that I own in __________________ (Write name of country in which you purchased land), including the change in my billing address.

With this letter I have attached photocopies of my agreement with your company and identity proofs proving my relationship with the bearer of this letter.

If you have any questions regarding the matters mentioned in this letter or any other matter regarding the land, you can contact me at ______________________________ (Email Address) or call me at _________________________ (Telephone Number).

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely

(Your Name)

Tips to Use Authorization Letter Template

Above given authorization letter template is designed in accurate format to fulfill legal requirements of authorization letter. You can modify authorization letter template easily according to your needs such as:

  • If you are taking its print out on company’s letter head then remove this section other wise replace it with your name and address
    • _____________________ (Your Name)
    • _____________________ (Your Address)
    • _____________________ (Your Address)
    • _____________________ (City, State, Zip Code)
  • You can change complete body of letter according to your authorization subject or in case if you are writing authorization letter for similar purpose then replace highlighted text.
  • After modification remove whole text in brackets or color.
  • Sign authorization letter after taking print out for authentication.

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